"Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Support x Wale x DMV!

Just showing that YES I do actually support my people...I don't just try to promote or speak their name... One being one of my favorite music artists from my city [DC]...Wale. He was the first artist featured on my website (hollafashions.com) back in 2005. Now he's on the cover of XXL...Picked up the official issue at the airport in DC...Keep grinding homie! Waiting for the album to drop under Interscope in March.

Make sure you check out the "Nike Boots" video...PUTTIN THE DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) ON THE MAP!!

Video footage of him and travis barker in the studio working on the album!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WERQUE x Job Search = Headache

As time passes each day, I'm putting in more work than ever. Why? Just getting in the flow of things so when I actually do get a job in my field no matter what amount of work they throw at me I will never get overwhelmed. I know where I wanna go in life, so I wont stop 'til I get there.

After coming back from DC, I been kinda refreshed so when I'm not at my part time job, I'm at home putting in work doing graphics or editing photoshoots. I've also been searching for jobs online for every job search engine I can think of. At times it can be a bit discouraging, its hard because the amount of jobs that actually fit me are very low, and the possibility of getting the job is slim for the fact that hundreds of other designers are applying for the same position.

On a brighter note, this morning I applied for two design jobs out in Atlanta, I pray that I land the job...at least get an interview. Both position pay between $55,000-$65,000/yr...amazi
ng pay, esp to be starting out. I'm gonna keep searching every single day until I get something. Once I land a position I will be ready to relocate. As far as a place to live, thats already lined up. Can't wait to get to the A, cuz I know I'm gonna have even more ambition to really get my name & work out in the city.

But until that time, I've really been working on Version 5 of my website...this will be divided up in two...portfolio & online mag/blog (haven't decided yet). I'm gonna go with a bit more professionalism with Version 5 (A Perfect Fifth), but it will still up hold to my unique style and creativity.


I also officially finished the design of the F.A.M.E. stationary (logo, envelope, letterhead, and business card) for Antwonne Pierce. So he is officially set to handle business with a very professional design & logo behind his name. Also finishing up the business cards & logo for clothing boutique Favor Fashions (located at the end of tiny town rd, near the Sonic fastfood), so make sure yall stop by there & check them out, they have some nice stuff in there (from shoes to clothes).

Recently, my account for Model Mayhem has been approved (as a photographer), so I'm gonna use this as a tool to network with models, photographers & etc to build my photography portfolio a bit more and get the word out on that.


Next month, my stock photography will be for sale online...I will keep yall updated on that (some nice photos with custom framing for your home). I will also begin helping singer/songwriter PrincessKENYA with her modeling portfolio, as well as having poster from our photoshoot appear in clothing store What Women Want (riverside dr., next to the BP).

I'll be in ATL for the 29th of this month to do the photography at Fusion the Band's show at 595 North Ave!!!

Until then, I'll just be here doing the usual..... "WERQUE" [thats my word for WORK for those who dont know lol]


Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Was Great = 2009 Even Greater

First and foremost, I’m just glad to be alive. 2009 is here and new years’ resolutions come into play. So since I have that amazing opportunity of living another year, I won’t let it go to waste. I have a lot in store for this year.

Year ’07, kicked off ’08 for me really well. I ended ’07 with getting on a big marketing project with Rapper Lil Boosie & Dipset Byrdgang’s own So’Sa (pronounced “So-Say”). Leading into early ’08 I received radio shout-outs in my hometown, Washington D.C., from radio host Jeannie Jones on WKYS 93.9 (formerly a host on WPGC 95.5, a part of the Russ Parr Morning Show, and spokeswoman for IPOD, Coca Cola, Smirnoff, Gillette, Anheuseur-Busch and L'OREAL Paris). Crazy thing is, I was in school in Tennessee when it happened. She hit me up with a message letting me know everything she said and that she shouted out Holla Fashions on the air and etc. She said she was proud to see a young black student putting his mind towards something positive. Something as simple as that motivated me so much for the simple fact that it showed me how much my hard work is actually paying off and getting recognition.

Throughout ’08, I teamed up with a band out in Atlanta, GA, known as Fusion the Band. I am now officially working with Fusion Entertainment on a consistent basis designing, photography, promoting and bringing my creative mind to the table. I’ve been doing a lot of work out in Atlanta for others as well. And as many of you know, it has been like a second home for me and I plan on moving out there in due time. While working with Fusion, I’ve also got the chance to tour with them to St. Louis, where they performed at the University of Missouri. Right after the performance was over, Fusion & I was interviewed live on the radio in St.Louis (my voice was gone but it was fun as hell!).

I’ve also been working heavily with a big DJ out in Indianapolis, IN. known as DJ Blendz: The BlendMaster (formally known as DJ Bnasty). I received the opportunity to actually go out to Indianapolis and do some freelance photography for the Leak Magazine for the Circle City Classic Weekend & the Shawty Lo Concert along with Tyrone (Brightwood Entertainment). Also worked with singer Young Maine & rapper Monte’ (1/2 of Group B.O.E.) while in Indianapolis.

I also worked with Singer/Songwriter PrincessKENYA out of California by way of Chicago (which I’ve been working with her since age 16/best friend). She’s making crazy moves in the music industry write now as far as Songwriting (Signed under EMI Publishing), and is also working on her own project as well. She took me in the studio in Atlanta and gave me the chance to meet many people; one of them being producer Fatboi (produced 2 platinum Ying Yang Twin Albums, songs for Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and Snoop’s “Sensual Seduction). So make sure you look out for her.

While doing all this, I also did my normal freelance work (graphic design, clothing, photography). This includes work for establishments like What Women Want: Clothing & Accessories (Clarksville, TN) and Sunscreen Customs (Clarksville, TN). Also for different people and organizations around the city, one being Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. And work outside of the state of Tennessee; Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and different states around the U.S. to name a few. I also was on an internship with One-Hundred Magazine.

Though I did not hop on this project, Holla Fashions was asked to be a clothing sponsor for the Annual Mixtape Awards ("The Justos") held in NYC (too much going on at the time). Meanwhile, 2008 brought me nominations for two Southern Entertainment Awards (S.E.A.)…. Photographer of the year (Young Holla) & Clothing Line of the year (Holla Fashions). The awards ceremony has been pushed back to the third weekend in March 09, so I won’t know if I won until then. I’m up against some big names, and to me it’s not even about winning, I’m just so happy to even have the opportunity to have my name mention with the others. Simply because everything I do, I do it alone. All the work I have put in has been all me and I can take full credit for that. And this is out of the entire southern region of the United States. I’m up against names like
Gino Green Global (the tees with the G’s all over them), YUMS (Soulja Boy always shouting them out), and Kashi Kicks (found in City Gear), to name a few.

By the end of ’08, school took its toll on me. But I stuck with it and graduated receiving my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. A week before graduation, me and 7 other senior graphic designers had our Senior Design Exhibit at Austin Peay; it was a GREAT turn out. After that, I didn’t feel like doing anything else. So I took a vacation back home to Washington D.C. for the holidays and now I’m ready to get back to work for ’09. This year I plan on doing things a little different, and I’m taking them a bit more serious. School is over and now real life begins.

I’ve been applying for graphic design jobs out in Atlanta, and basically just been waiting, praying to find something. In the meantime, and even after I get an official graphic design job, I will continue my plans for 2009. Just to name a few plans I still will continue with ALL of my freelance work. I plan to release version 5:A Perfect Fifth of the Holla Fashions website (hollafashions.com), as well as an Online Magazine/Blog (Untitled). Later in the year, I will release a Holla Fashions Mixtape (free for download) with the music artists featured on the website (no I’m not a music artist), also my photography will be for sell online which will also allow custom framing when you place an order(imagekind.com). PrincessKENYA and I have a lot of upcoming projects in the works that we will be working together on (music ventures, modeling, and etc). I will also continue to work with Fusion Entertainment. There are some Holla Fashions designs that will be officially manufactured rather than hand-painted and will be available in select stores (both men & women sizes). The designs are finished and ready to go whenever I decide to make that move. And this is only naming a few, so just make sure you stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone that helped me get to where I’m at with my craft, I appreciate everything and I promise I won’t let you down. Special shout out to Mr.DeKorte couldn’t have done it without ya homie!

-Y. Holla