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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twenty4Seven Magazine

Lately, I've been teaming up with the staff of Twenty4Seven Magazine...so I guess you can say I'm officially a part of the team. I was involved in the first issue slightly. I shot the front cover (Tyrone's cover), and the spread picture of Tyrone's article in Naptown. There is also a Holla Fashions ad that can be found in there too. But with the second issue, I was involved with a lot of the design for several spreads, as well as a few design decisions for the covers. You will also be able to find a HF ad in this issue as well. So big shout out to Twenty4Seven Magazine! We're gonna take it straight to the top!

If you don't know, Twenty4Seven Magazine is based out of indianapolis, but will be available internationally! As far as local places in Clarksville, TN...They will be available in different locations around the city (i.e. Journeys (mall), Barbershops, What Women Want and more).

One of the hottest upcoming magazines based in the Midwest. Brings a competitive edge while trying to educate the youth and gives the smaller independents a chance to make major noise without having a major budget.

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Call 317-538-4411 for more info on the Magazine or being featured in it.

Tyrone x Rydah Muzik x Brightwood Entertainment

Make sure yall check out my homie Tyrone's mixtape. Honestly, its worth the download/listen. Great work, and he's not out trying to be someone that he's not and he's not trying to sound like anyone. Though it is a mixtape, it is all original music & production. So there is no industry beats on this one, no so-called freestyles, none of that. He's straight out of Naptown (Indianapolis), reppin Brightwood...so make sure you check it out.

Download "Rydah Muzik" Tyrone with DJ Reddy Rock. Brought to you by Brightwood Entertainment.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Peep This: Meek Millz

Meek Millz Goes IN!