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Friday, February 27, 2009

Version 5: A Perfect Fifth

I would like to let everyone know that the new version of the site is up.
Version 5: A Perfect Fifth!

So please check it out. I appreciate everyone for being patient and I'm more than please with the outcome.


Thank you,
- Holla

Thursday, February 26, 2009

50 Cent on ESPN

Similar views as me on certain topics and situations...A.Rod using steriods...who's better? Kobe or Lebron...and more. *cough* Kobe of course.

Tubesteak Responds to Rap Battle! LOL!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Growth x Hollagraphy

As far as my artwork goes, I'm growing a bit more in the photography category. Doing my best to be the best at everything I do. Not really competing with everyone else but just trying to compete with myself. I personally believe thats harder then going against any other individual for the fact that you know your every move, so what can you do to surprise yourself. Creativity is something that can bring you to new heights so you can overcome that battle each time. Right now I've been doing a lot of black&white photos, they are addictive and sometimes say a lot more. Even though my whole style explores the depth of color, it feels good to step out of my comfort zone every so often...thats the only way to get better. Check out the chess piece....




Home Sweet Home x DMV

Back when I was at home (DC) I had to chance to go downtown and snap some pics. I went home over the holidays to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my fam. Yea, I know I'm kinda late posting these but I didn't want good pics to go to waste. I had a good time being home, and got to chill with a lot of my friends in the DMV (DC, MD, VA). I wish I had more time to do the things I wanted to do (chill wit more friends, work with music artists, etc). But I appreciate the time and fun I had.













"And the streets say Jigga can't go back home
You know when I heard that? When I was back home"

Friday, February 20, 2009

Will x Hollagraphy Photoshoot x Opinions

Did another photoshoot 2 days ago with a music artist under TieBreaker Entertainment. His name is Will, he is a real cool laid back dude. This is actually my second time shooting with him because the first time I did a shoot with the whole TBE camp. This was the first time ever where I actually shot the entire shoot in black and white. Came out real nice...it actually made me only want to shoot in black & white from now on but we all know thats not bout to happen. I'm an artist and my artwork is made up of contrast and vibrant colors.

So far, the feedback on this shoot have been great. Only really one comment bothered me and that was "you should edit his bags under his eyes". My question is "why"? They said "you're a photographer thats in your job description". But my reply is "I'm not a photographer, I'm an artist." This was a raw shoot, a real life shot. So the only edits that were made was the brightness & contrast and slight bumps here and there. Taking away the "bags" from underneath his eyes would've taken away from how he actually looks, this is not a glamour shot and even if it was I wouldn't take that away completely. My style is the way it is because I make it that way. I'm responsible for my success from doing it my way. I'm not saying that I am not open for opinions and critism but at the end of the day....Art is a form of expression...and I'm gonna continue to strive to be the best damn expressive individual the world have ever seen lol. Young Hollaaaaa baaaayyyyybbaaayyyyy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

50 Cent x T.I. x Hip-Hop

If you know me, you know that I'm a 50 fan. Not just because of his music, but because he is a very intelligent black entrepenuer with a strong business sense; he is a very clever individual. I learn a lot from him as a person, and I appreciate the way he handle this situation...he thought about what he was gonna say before he opened his mouth. This probably is my favorite interview of 50. It talks about censorship in hip-hop, and he addresses how the media tries to point the finger at hip-hop for violence occurring in the world even while there are wars occurring in Iraq and movies being put out with tons of violence. A reporter asked him when was he gonna "get with the program" and stop using profanity in his music. 50 responds to his comments & questions and tells him that hip-hop paints the vivid picture of the environment we come from. People that have not experienced or been exposed to those things wouldn't know about that experience. "It is easier for the media to attack an individual than a corporation." He talked about how the media will go at certain hip-hop artists but wont try to place a censorship lawsuit on a big movie corporation like paramount for the violent movies they make, where they give u more than just words or sound, its a vivid image of everything that happens. He states how hip-hop uses vocabulary to paint pictures...with out complete detail it will be hard to paint that picture. "If I asked you to paint a picture of the American flag without using the color red, you would have a difficult time." He also uses very clever examples like politics to back up his debate. Oh and the ending about Master P was hilarious too lmao!

T.I. also joins in to give his statement on the subject. He was a bit more street than 50 on this subject lol.

Keeping it real LMFAO!

Let's just keep it real during this recession lol.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

T-Pain x SNL

Thought it was kinda hilarious when T-Pain was on Saturday Night Live. They made a music video, and the song is actually kinda hot lmao.

On a side note, personally, I'm all about creativity, and in my opinion...T-Pain is one of the most creative individuals in the music industry right now. Hate it or love it, he does not get the respect he deserves. He works harder than almost any other artist in the industry, including lil wayne. He was always critisized for using the Autotune...then just about every music artist in the industry copied (ex: chris brown, snooop, yung berg, baby, lil wayne, kanye, 50 cent, Ron Browz and the list continues). No, he did not originate it, but no one (these days) was thinking of using it in the style in which he made popular. This man has changed the game and is only on his third album, let alone he was born the same year as me (1985), so he is still young. T-Pain has also had over 10 top ten singles on Billboard Hot 100. And who else do u know that had 30+ singles playing in rotation on radio airwaves ALL AT ONCE! Nominated for multiple BET, OZONE, Vibe, Teen Choice, MTV,Grammy and American Music Awards, he's a beast with his craft. That just goes to show that talent only takes you so far, other characteristics is what takes u to the top (creativity, charisma, ambition, etc). I been saying it since the first album..."look out for this Tallahassee-Pain dude" (thats what "T-Pain" stands for, for those who dont know).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lil Wil x Cashmoney's All-Star x Holla Creative

Just recently, I finished the flyers for a concert that will be held next month here in Clarksville, Tennessee at Austin Peay State University. The concert will consist of Lil Wil (known for his songs "My Dougie" & "Bust it wide open") and Cashmoney's All-Star. Opening for Lil Wil & All-Star will be Stylistic (which is a friend of mine) and Y.N.G.M. It will be held on March 28th in the Clement Auditorium. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get to attend the event because I have a prior commitment in Indianapolis who will be performing for the first time in his career. Also, somehow some way...I am trying to be in ATL 2 days before that event because Fusion is opening up for N.E.R.D.

March is going to be a real busy, fun & crazy month. lol I actually got the chance to meet and talk to All-Star a couple of weeks ago while I was doing the photography at a Skate Party for F.A.M.E. Promotions.

[All-Star & Holla]

Monday, February 16, 2009

Barack O'Balla

CNN's John King sat down with Bill Russell, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Chris Paul and others to analyze the president's basketball game.

Sam Dew & Kam Corvet Performing Live! 02.17.09

Sam Dew & Kam Corvet Performing Live! Tomorrow!!
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sambuca Lounge
3102 Piedmont Rd.
Atlanta GA 30305
Doors Open @ 10 PM
No Cover Fee or Free
For more Info. call 240-398-8330

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where Michael Vick Can Play...

If Vick returns to the league there are 5-6 likely teams that will pick him up (according to yahoo). I personally, would love to have him on the Redskins and sit Campbell on the bench (I still like Jason Campbell, but he is real iffy lol).

from an article on yahoo:

"Assuming that all these things happen, what's the most likely destination for Vick in 2009? Shutdown Corner lists the five most likely spots:

1) Oakland -- Other locales might make more football sense, but Vick landing in Oakland make the most overall sense. The Raiders are irrelevant, Al Davis won't care about the negative press and a good number of Oakland fans can relate to Vick's status as an ex-con. JaMarcus Russell is already there at QB, but that's just semantics.

2) Seattle -- Former Falcons coaches Jim Mora and Gregg Knapp are now running the show in Seattle. With Matt Hasselbeck possibly on his way out, this could be a good fit for Vick.

3) San Francisco -- Shaun Hill and J.T. O'Sullivan may not be the answers.

4) Minnesota -- The Vikings are a quarterback away from being a true contender in the NFC, so they seem like the most logical landing spot for Vick. But Vick isn't a Drew Brees-type who can be easily dropped into a pre-existing system, he's the kind of guy whom the system has to be built around. Also, the team is in a battle to get public funding for a new stadium and bringing in a social pariah like Vick may not be the best way to win support for a stadium plan that's already questionable in this economy.

5) New York Jets -- The Jets have said they aren't interested in acquiring Michael Vick. They weren't interested in trading for Brett Favre either.

Honorable Mention: Washington -- If you think Dan Snyder hasn't called up Jim Zorn in the middle of the night at least once this month to bounce off some ideas about how Michael Vick could help the Redskins, then you don't know Danny.

Not listed: Detroit (even Michael Vick has standards), Tampa Bay (unlikely that a new coach and GM would begin careers with Vick at QB) and Kansas City (ditto). "

Allen Iverson x Haircut

Damn after 13 years....
He was one of the reasons I got my hair braided when I was younger....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Phi Beta Sigma & Kappa Alpha Psi Party

Knocked out the flyers for the Phi Beta Sigma & Kappa Alpha Psi Party Coming up tomorrow...I will also be doing the party photography there as well, held in the Foy Center at Austin Peay State University.

Allen Iverson's 45 ft Bounce Pass

Of course my favorite baller....45 foot bounce pass through Grant Hill's Legs...

Tubesteak Exposes David Banner = LMFAO!

Tubesteak at it again...funny as hell.

Tubesteak Exposes Obama



I swear this dude is funny as hell. If you don't know who he is, he is a made up character used to promote Aaron Mcgruder's cartoon, The Boondocks. I been reading the Boondocks comicstrip since I was 9 years old. Tubesteak acts just like rapper Gillie da Kid when he was making those diss videos on Lil Wayne & Cassidy. Check him out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Atlanta x Dipset Byrdgang x PrincessKenya x Fusion + more

Got back from ATL this past weekend. It was a real spare of the moment trip due to the fact that Fusion the Band's show was canceled. Went out there on Thursday...chilled with PrincessKenya. Got the chance to go to Polow da don's studio, got to meet a young producer named Chase and rapper Al-Fatz. Chase's beats was crazy, real talented dude. I know many of y'all haven't heard of Al-Fatz, but I been listening to dude since like '05 or '06...got a couple of tracks by him, one with him and Lil Wayne. He a real cool dude with a lot of charisma and funny as hell. We was in the studio joking on his flow cuz he is from Cleveland but has Texas freestyle flow. Later that night after leaving Polow's studio, we went back to Fatboi (the producer)'s studio. Chilled there all night until like 3 or 4am, an artist was in there doing his studio session, the track was hot. Fatboii was in there with a stomach virus looking sick as hell lol, lol like a big ol' kid lol...dude is funny though. I was prolly looking crazy too because I was up all day, woke up at 6am and drove four and a half hrs to ATL, and chilled with PrincessKenya all day, running all over ATL til 4am. The next morning we hung out a lil more before I had to drop her off to the airport to go back to Cali. Her grandma was sad as ever that she had to leave (btw: she is like the nicest lady in the world! lol).

The weekend in the A was just getting started...though, I wasn't able to do the photoshoot with Fusion, we still turned it into a fun weekend. Everything from the movies to Parties...it was crazy! I also got the chance to setup another project for myself with the owner of a barbershop in the A. The barbershop is crazy...imma have pics for y'all at a later date, but it was a barbershop/salon...the setup is amazing. A tattoo palor in the back of it, and flatscreen PC's on the wall so u can use the internet while you wait! I really need to go back down there and get some nice photos of it.

A lil shout out to F.A.M.E. Promotions...my homie Antwonne is really coming up the right way. Doing something positive for such a small city. Throwing some of the best parties in Clarksville, TN. Lately, around the city I've been doing a lot of Event photography and allowing everyone to tag their picture on Facebook. Its been really catching on lately, so hopefully we can continue making this place a lil more fun than it actually is lol even after I make that move to ATL. Also big ups to Kinfolk Promotions, I did the photography for that party to nights ago, it was a great turn out! YES...I'm getting to the money lol!

Lately, as far as freelance work...I've been a beast, but as far as the actual graphic design job search...its been a headache. Its been stressful, discouraging, heartbreaking....anything...you name it. So until my time comes I'm going to continue to do what I do best and thats put in this "Werque" until I come up on something good. As far as freelance...I've been doing a lot of Event Photography, as well as Flyers (ex: Phi Beta Sigma, Kappa Party), and business cards for stores & music artists. Also a couple of weeks ago, I got on my second project with Dipset Byrdgang and so far everything is looking good. I'm not going to speak on too much about until everything is complete and when they meet with Jim (Jones).

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twitter x Young Holla

This is a cool lil site...

Make sure y'all join...and add me...yea I'm everywhere on the net lol.

and if you dont have me on myspace, I should've already been on your friends list lol.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best Rapper Alive x Murda Mook

Murda Mook Spittin in the booth over "Best Rapper Alive" (not the Lil Wayne beat). This is hot, he ripped the beat...hot concept. If you like hip-hop, you'll like this. Spittin straight from my favorite "battle" rapper.

Sunday, February 1, 2009