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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Skins vs Steelers

And they tried to say my skins wasn't looking good...i beg to differ...


Friday, August 14, 2009

Footage from Core DJ Retreat [Earlier in '09]

So I was bored...decided not to throw away/waste any previous video footage, so I edited the washed up footage from the Core DJ retreat from earlier this yr. The reason I say "washed up" because this vid was recorded with a cheaper camcorder though we had to HD camcorders with us. Currently, I do not have access to that footage cuz my 2 homies with the footage (monte & tyrone) are in Naptown and the files are too big to transfer. So instead of deleting the footage I have, I decided to have fun and turn nothing into something even tho I couldn't really capture much of anything because I was mainly doing photography. So check out the Youtube video...comment on it, share it, whatever....just watch the damn thing lol.

Oh yea and for those who will ask me...and i know someone will ask cuz they always do...the music on the vid (in order) is B.O.E. - Boss, Chamillionaire - I'm on it (from MM7), and B.O.E. - Stop Light ft. Young Maine.


Monday, August 10, 2009


A while back I made a lil mix for the first time in Garageband of the different artists in the DMV (my home of course..). Well now I feel is the right time to post it. I've been supporting the artists at home since day one, and now we are really seeing Major process from each of them. But in order for something to last it needs to be supported by the people/fans. Some of the artists I don't know, some I'm cool with, and some are my actual friends...I'm gonna support them no matter what because I want to see my city rise cuz honestly...there are more people in the area that hate rather than show the support of someone trying to do something positive. I wasn't able to fit everyone on here that I wanted to....KayeM, Ra the MC, EMP, and others to name a few...but dont think that I forgot about yall. I'll get yall on the next go round. Oh yea and shout out to Kayem and Delonte West for that funny ass KFC vid...that joint had me ROLLIN all night. But yea, when you check out the video just make sure you let people know about the artists in the area if they don't, pass the link around, tell them about my site and all that good stuff...you know what it is lol. DMV! WE UP NEXT!


Oh yea, and holla at me if you want the actual MP3 of the vid.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Up late once again, been grindin all day long since 6am...fell asleep about 9pm or so and work up about 1am...so I'm back at it again. But I realized all the work I have to do is finished lol. Damn its just in my blood to be doing something...so I guess I'll blog. Oh yea, and I'm still gonna post that lil DMV mix that I made in garageband real soon. I'm no producer but I just wanted to put something together to be a major participant on putting my city on the map, and no one can take that away from me. So the snippet mix will just be something to let out-of-towners know about the diamonds in the dirt. The mix consist of Wale, Lyriciss, Magnum Dollars, AB the Producer, Southeast Slim, Marky, Nando Mcfly, Trey Songz, Raheem Devaughn, Tabi Bonney, Uptown XO, Proverb, and Mambo Sauce. I wanted to fit more people on it, but I think thats enough for now because unfortunately Youtube only allows 10minutes. So if I decide to do another I will be sure to include a lot of other artists out of the DMV. I'm not really worried about how many views/listens I get, though still push it. I just want to do something to support the ones who work just as hard as me because they deserve it. DC, Maryland & Virginia's time is coming real soon, and when it does...it will change the face of music...I PROMISE! (Anyone that is around me all the time know that for a fact cuz I have put many on to more than just Wale).


Moving on to one of my favorite rappers...Chamillionaire.
Some people may not like it, but dude is in my top 5 DOA list. I been a fan since '98 (thats since I was like 13 years old, so basically going on 11years. He grinds like no other and the style is vicious. Recently, I downloaded Mixtape Messiah 7 disc 1 & 2. I'm waiting on the 3rd disc to be released. This is prolly his best body of work that I have heard thus far. Disc 1 has 26 tracks and he goes IN! From lyrics to flow to the harmony. He murders every track. I was def feeling disc 2 also for the fact that on disc 2...he went back to the old King Koopa. To his flow he used before it was "Chamillionaire"...when it was just "Chamillion". So I'm kinda anxious to hear disc 3. Sucks that this will be the last of the Mixtape Messiah series, but just like me...he is trying to go a different route and continue to set trends and be innovative. He will continue with a new series of mixtapes called "Major Payne" but the difference between this series and all other mixtapes is that all songs from now on will be all original. Basically, the mixtapes will all be put together like an actual album (original beats, verses, etc). Just something to give me more motivation and inspiration to spark my grind when I'm tired. Chamillitary Mayne!

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Oh yea...and for the record...
MY Top 5 consist of:

Jay-Z, Chamillionaire, Wale, Joe Budden, & ______(you know the 5th spot is open for rotation).

And thats just MY favorites of all time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Budden Moment

See, I don't trus' no one (talk to 'em)
So stubborn -
I could dream a thousand paths, wake-up an' walk a ol' one.
(Why?) An' I follow wherever it take me
Insteada' wherever the crew go like Traylee.
They see distinguished
I see a nigga erasin' that fine line between crazy an' genius.
Got the jewels out, see 'em on my Colorado shit (but...)
I'd rather put the suit on an' not follow it. (Look)
Ay'thing is perception, (I mean...) ay'thing is deception (but...)
When niggas fuck wit' 'em 'cause I be the exception
(Look) I got a warm reception way before any song hit
I think too outside of the box ta' be cornered
(I'm) Too real ta' be fickle
Grounded, but too fly ta' meet a nigga in the middle
Too big ta' be belittled.
Wise way beyond my years, here's the motto of a manchild:
Why try ta' fit in when you a standout?

Monday, August 3, 2009

AI x Patience

Chill mode, Allen Iverson Interviews and random chamillionaire tracks, thats how my night is going. For some reason watching A.I. interviews gives me some sort of motivation & inspiration. Knowing his whole history coming from the DMV, and knowing his struggle and what he has been thru just shows when there is a will there's a way. And even when he got to the pros during his first years, despite rookie of the year awards, mvp awards, all-star games, scoring titles, conference championships and making it to the NBA Finals with a no name roster..he still gets criticized. Though criticism is there he still plays every game like his last. And I guess I can relate to that. No matter what anybody got to say, I bust my ass everyday, grindin with this work. Not being selfish and trying to help others, and making sure I'm never too busy to be there if someone needs me. Still throughout all that.."playing every game like its my last", there is still criticism or somebody saying something slick....even the ones you choose to lend a helping hand to. As the saying goes, you can't please everyone. And at the end of the day I will still remain the same person. Like a commentator said "you didn't the tattoos, the cornrolls, and the baggy clothes...what you saw was someone who fell down, bruised up body...but no broken spirit."

Oh yea..nobody knows A.I. can draw too. He's a characture artist.

Lately, I've just been taking time out...re-organizing future plans, as well as current ones. Still putting in work every single day even if I choose not to post it online all the time. Also working 2 jobs, trying to save up yet get the things I need. I got a lot of plans for the near future so I just pray everything goes the way I want it to go.


And for all u gamers out there...next week i'll have the flatscreen on deck! lol Xbox live...hit me with a message "Holla 301" and we can battle it out in whatever lol. Madden 2010 (August 14th). Also thinking about that Fight Night Round 4. Got rid of my call of duty but gonna cop that again. Lately I've been playing NBA 2k9 & Midnight club a whole lot.

As far as music goes...my recent playlist has included Joe Budden, Chamillionaire (Whole collection), Wale (lol u already know), Mike Jones (The Voice), Chalie Boy, Tony Henry (Chamillionaire Aritst), F.L.Y.(their cd is actually pretty hot...swag surfin for those who forgot who they are lol), Southeast Slim & all my Go-Go.

Had to slide the drake and wayne to the side for a lil bit...kinda gettin burnt out lol. Sorry.