"Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wale x Holla Creative = Artistic Integrity

Couldn't sleep, creativity running through my veins, and as always...music in my ears for inspiration. Was listening to the Wale's "The Artistic Integrity" on the Mixtape About Nothing and decided to put together something raw while taking a break from work for clients. Another night of not sleeping, lol but thats normal for me. "5am is the new 5pm!"


Never will I ever utter never to myself
Fall in love with defeat, throw my endeavors on the shelf
I never back up like Cleo Lemon on myself
Lemonade connoisseur life's lemons coming out
When life gets sour know I still devour
I remember Peabody mice crawling up the shower
Now it's motorbikes, warm nights out in Maui
And white bitches and light skinned women be smilin'
DC star, a PG legend
Mogul phenomenon holmes I'm all of it
Yeah, they all love it though critique Jon Lovitz
And whack hoes hatin' on key out in public
See, welcome to fame where most of us is gon' change
If you never do, still niggas look at you strange
Niggas mostly assume, niggas make up they news
Once you made it you cool, they label you brand new
Really in subconscious
They see a star no longer the underdog
So nobody wanna walk with ya
They all talk like you think you was a god n'shit
But you the same that you always is
Yeah, they all convinced but all for shit
This all be different if you had an office key, yeah
And I'm the same, on e'erything I love, or everything I love
Please pardon my integrity

Also the HF Website has been down for about a week, but I just want to let yall know that its back up and running. I also took the time out to update it a little while planning out version 6.


Peep This: Stylistic

Hot song by the homie Stylistic....check it out.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TSU vs APSU AfterParty

If you're in Tennessee, make sure you hit up the after party of the TSU vs APSU football game this saturday. I decided to go off on the flyer lol, I had fun with this one!

Another lil design I did for just a display pic....I was bored lol.

Chamillionaire x New Video = Venom coming Feb 2nd

Can't wait for Koopa's new album dropping the 2nd of feb, I'm gonna have to get this one too. Check out the new video...."Good Morning", this video is hot, real creative.

Wale x Attention Deficit = Released + Copped Today.

Wale: Attention Deficit

Wonderful day for the DMV. The "Attention Deficit" album dropped today, and I see a lot of people from the area supporting it. Thats what we gotta do, is support our artists, and that starts with Wale. After that...comes all the other DMV artists in line. I was gonna get 2 copies, I ended up buying the last copy in the store. I've been listening to it, haven't heard the entire album yet but so far its dope....oh yea and Jasmine Sullivan murdered the track she on. I was surprised Nike Boots didn't make the album but its still solid. So make sure yall check it out! BUY THE ALBUM! This is the first album that I have actually BOUGHT in years, and it was worth every penny. DMV is showing progression, we need that!

Also copped Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 today..damn its like Christmas, lol this game is TOO damn hot!! I think I been playing too much, taking a break cuz I started to get dizzy. If you got xbox live then add me to ur friends list... "Holla 301"