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Monday, November 22, 2010

Iverson's Debut


J. Cole – Friday Night Lights (Mixtape Download)

A mixtape thats a MUST download. Check it out! 5 mics dope!

The tide has turned for young Cole after two previous tapes that were released while no one was truly aware of his presence. Both The Come Up and The Warm Up were lauded, play a significant role in why we’re here today and could now be considered indicators of his potential. But they were the equivalent of practice games played when nobody was watching. With a hefty cosign resting on his shoulders and Cole World‘s release said to be around the corner, Friday Night Lights is an accurate title for a release that’s being played on a large stage with the worldwide web waiting to either cheer or jeer what they hear. It all amounts to a lot of potential pressure. But, if any artist has been adequately prepped and ready, it’s Cole.

1. Friday Night Lights
2. Too Deep For The Intro
3. Before I’m Gone
4. Back To The Topic
5. You Got It (feat. Wale)
6. Villematic
7. Enchanted (feat. Omen) (Produced by J. Cole and Omen)
8. Blow Up
9. Higher
10. In The Morning (feat. Drake) (Produced by L&X Music)
11. 2Face (Produced by Syience)
12. The Autograph
13. Best Friend
14. Cost Me A Lot
15. Premeditated Murder
16. Home For The Holidays
17. Love Me Not
18. See World (Produced by J. Cole and Elite)
19. Farewell
20. Kanye West feat. J. Cole, Pusha T. Big Sean & CyHi Da Prynce – Looking For Trouble [Bonus Track]


Friday, October 22, 2010

Jay-Z: The Devil or Diversion - Hip-Hop's Not So Secret Society

Written by Minista Paul Scott

"Big Ballin' is my hobby/so much so they think I'm down with the Illuminati" - from the song "Hot Toddy" by Usher, featuring Jay-Z.

Over the past year, the hottest topic in the hip-hop world has been whether artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and others are part of some diabolical secret society. From street corners to college campuses, people are losing sleep over the question: "Is Jay-Z part of the Illuminati?" The issue has reached such a level that Jay Z has responded to the accusations on collaborations with Rick Ross and Usher, as well as radio interviews. To add to the controversy, MC Hammer, reportedly has jumped on the bandwagon inferring that Jay-Z is a devil worshiper.

While some of the discussions have been thought provoking, many have done nothing but subject people to the same "spookism" about a devil with a pitch fork and a red suit that they get in many churches. Much of the "spookism" that is being used in regards to the Illuminati is just a mask to divert attention from the real issue, global white supremacy.

The Illuminati was formed May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt with the purpose of organizing a secret society of "enlightened white men" to rule the planet (reference: Wikipedia). However, it must be noted that -- according to the book Illuminati 666 compiled by William Sutton -- Weishaupt said "regarding the order, let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name and another occupation." So when an interviewer asks a rapper, if he is a part of the Illuminati, the person is really creating a smoke screen to hide the real issue.

What should be questioned is why hip-hop industry insiders from J. Prince, Ice Cube to 50 Cent have felt compelled to address the issue. If the accusations of something fishy in hip-hop did not have, at least a grain of truth, the whole controversy would have been easily dismissed and not dignified with an answer.

There is a term called "limited hangout", which is defined as "the release of previously hidden information to prevent a greater exposure of more important details." This is the deception that is transpiring with the hip-hop secret society controversy.

It is often said that if you don't ask the right question, you cannot get the right answer. The question that should be posed to Jay-Z is not whether he is a member of the Illuminati, but "What does he know about the Illuminati?" Because if he claims that he doesn't know anything about the order, than he can not possibly know if he is playing a role in their agenda, can he? Also, the major question should not be whether a rapper is part of a secret society, but what is his relationship with the 10% of the population who control 90% of the wealth and how does this affect "the hood?"

The discussion of the role that covert white supremacist organizations have played in the oppression of non-white people of the planet has been discussed by researchers such as Steve Cokely, for over 20 years. However, the issue has been rarely viewed in a hip-hop context, thusly adding to the confusion, as people have either been unwilling or unable to connect the dots.

We must start by studying the various covert plots to oppress non-white people that was taking place in the United States during the mid-19th century by secret organizations such as the "Know Nothing Society" and the "Supreme Order of the Star Spangled Banner", which included such members as Albert Pike who, according to Michael Newton's book on the Ku Klux Klan, has been "named by some historians, as the author of the Klan's original prescript."

The same agenda was also being carried out across the Atlantic by European white supremacists, such as Cecil Rhodes who founded the Round Table Group that espoused the doctrine of Anglo Saxon world domination, including the colonization of Africa. So, perhaps, instead of looking at rappers, we need to be looking at Rhode Scholars?

Although many of the societies have been based on racism, the motivation has also been economic, as these organizations follow the proverb that "a fool and his money are soon parted." If you keep the masses ignorant, they can be easily exploited.

Herein, lies the role of hip-hop.

While commercial rappers like Jay-Z may not be card carrying members of a secret society, it is not debatable that many support global white supremacy by way of "racial shadow-ism," which Neely Fuller defines as "when victims of racism are directly or indirectly, 'assigned' bribed, coerced and or like wise influenced by white supremacists to speak or act to do harm to other victims of racism." He says that the reason for this is to cause us to believe that the person acting in a "shadow" capacity is in control, when in actuality, he is a mere flunky for the global elite.

Also, while most people reference a Tupac video clip as evidence that he exposed the Illuminati, if one really listens to the clip, Shakur actually denied its existence, saying that the only thing that matters was getting money, regardless from whence it came.

There is an old saying that if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book. So the information about secret societies that has hip-hop heads buggin' is not really secret, but can be found in their local libraries. But when you have successfully dumbed down a society, you do not have to really hide the truth, as it can be "hidden in plain sight."

So if the power of secret societies is keeping the masses dumb, what role does hip-hop play in making ignorance bliss? So, I am less concerned about Jay-Z being on the cover of Forbes magazine than I am about the "conspiracy" of rappers that are considered too dumb to be in a secret society, such as Gucci Mane and Wacka Flocka Flame carrying out a mission to dumb down black children.

Our greatest weapon against oppression is knowledge of the TRUTH. Instead of engaging in ghetto gossip and fairy tales, we must encourage our people to read. We cannot rely on hip-hop websites and Youtube for our information, but must get our information the old fashioned way ... from a book.

I challenge those who are currently speaking authoritatively about hip-hop and secret societies to read None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen, The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson, or Circle of Intrigue by Tex Marrs, and then see if their perspective remains the same.

We must understand that for those who do not study, everything is a secret. However, for those who diligently seek truth, as Yeshua taught: "there is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Introducing Holla Definition...

Lately I've been putting all of my focus into my new venture....Video. What better name to call it than "HD", a phrase thats already commonly used in video today, but putting my own twist on things as "Holla Definition". I'm still new to the game but I believe I get better with every project. So make sure you subscribe to the Youtube page, because videos will be coming in just as much as photoshoots and graphics! Just wanted to do my blog from an artistic standpoint and not always just in front of the cam talking. That way it showcases what I'm around without always having to involve myself in the actual picture.

Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/hollafashions301






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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wale x The Number Won x Video

Short vid of The Number Won made by "1st Impressions Studio". Check it out. Also Download the "More About Nothing" Mixtape by Wale, you missing out if you ain't got it. Shouts to Lyriciss.net for posting this first!

Wale - More About Nothing Mixtape Release @ Commonwealth DC from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tyrone - Who Iz U? (Rydah Muzik)

Check it out!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Princess Kenya - YOU

Check it out!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wale x More About Nothin x Download

Download the New Mixtape: Wale - More About Nothing

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dopest x A.I.

Favorite of All-Time.


Friday, July 16, 2010

"Life" x Break to Build

Just went thru my photobucket from beginning to end, dang...that's like 3-4 years worth of [stuff]. Not just photography but random stuff that I thought was hilarious. It just shows me how time flies. There is a lot of photography in there as well, just about a piece of EVERY photoshoot I've ever done. I've worked with so many different personalities its crazy...I don't think no one looks at it like that. I don't count the amount of people I've worked with but the amount of personalities, and know that one individual is not limited to just one personality. With every character I come across, I look at God's work as art...well, because it is art. Its like we're characters in one big movie, that has its commercials, short films, tv series, sequels and more...I just know that I'm destined to stand out in my role. No matter if you're a superstar or a seat-filler, you still have a role to play in this movie called "Life" (not to be confused with the comedy with Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence haha).

But on the no bull, working with these many different personalities has allowed me to alter myself as well as my artwork in many different positive ways to present to the public. I never wanna be someone thats boring. So the ones that don't know me say I'm the quiet guy, and try to figure me out...and the ones that do know me say I got a smart mouth, and still in a sense can't completely figure me out. People like to copy, so why not give them something with substance & content to copy off of? So I live my life creatively. Do something just enough to get the attention of life's audience, and then put my own twist to it. "Flyer than the rest of em...ha"

The lastest character I've worked with was Ms. Carson in the previous Hollagraphy Shoot. Much like myself, she keeps a straight face in photos but in person does the total opposite. Be sure to check that shoot out. It started raining during the shoot, but she's a soldier, so no rain was gonna stop her party lol. Great chemistry working together during the session, so expect to see more work from the both of us. [Add me to facebook to view the entire shoot]

On to other things...
Version 6: Break to Build is currently in the works. Hopefully, I'll be winding to the final stages of it soon, its a lot of hard work. I've been working on it day & night so NO that does not mean its gonna take another year to drop lol. In the beginning stages of the site I was in a constant battle with self on if the design of the site should be extravagant or simple. Like Version 5: A Perfect Fifth, I went with the simple look; I want the work to speak for itself. The site will have new work (also some old work..design, clothing, photography, and illustration), videos, and I'm also bringing back the featured section of the site. The feature section will consist mainly of featured artists, some of which I already have listed from V3, and many new ones. This will allow me to showcase others of my choice that are from the DMV and other areas as well.


LMAO He always on top of his game, I swear as soon as an artist drops a new song he has a new parody for it!

Paul Wall + Chamillionaire = Round Here

Glad to see the two working together again.



also: "Main Event"


Ms. Carson x Hollagraphy






2K11 x MJ23

NBA 2K11 to drop in a few months, and we all know that Micheal Jordan will be on the cover and the game itself. Found a lil video/photo preview of the game courtesy of ASAMP's Blog(asampwasright.blogspot.com). Check it out, pretty dope, but am I the only one who thinks MJ's face looks like Kobe on the game lol?

Got Xbox Live?? Add Me: "Holla 301"


Album Trailer x SE Slim


DMV Post!

Dope. #DMV

Listen: Greenspan ft. Phil Ade (Produced by Mark Henry)

Listen: Lyriciss - Hot Music


Chris + Neef = We Bak [Listen]

Chris & Neef (formally the Young Gunz) drop their new mixtape track "We Bak". Dope. New Back to Business mixtape hits the net July 23rd. Check it out.

Listen: Chris & Neef - We Bak


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eminem x DJ Booth "Recovery" Review

Review by Nathan S.

Recovery is the worst album of Eminem’s career. Recovery is the best album of Eminem’s career. It’s both. That ambiguity may sound like a cop out, and truth be told maybe it is, but in all honesty, I can’t remember being as confused about an album as I am about Recovery. Thanks to a newfound sobriety, it features the most mentally stable and mature Eminem we’ve ever heard, but, as music fans, do we really want a stable and mature Eminem? We certainly didn’t want a happily married and domesticated Usher. Recovery is also Eminem’s least purely “hip-hop” album, and while I genuinely applaud his willingness to defy the expected, I tend to like my Eminem as rawly hip-hop as possible. If I retreated to a secluded cabin and did nothing but listen to Recovery for a month I may be able to better weigh its value, but for now, I have far more questions than answers.

In my review of Eminem’s last album, the hyperbolically dark Relapse, I wrote that it was a cathartic work for Em, that he needed to get all that pain out of his system in order to get back to making great music. God I love when I’m right. Whatever its strengths and weaknesses, Recovery is easily the most courageous album of Eminem’s career as he stiff arms guest rappers (with one notable exception), delivers his first skit-free album and sonically ventures into everything from hard rock to quasi-ballads. More than a decade after the Slim Shady LP we’ve heard a lot from Eminem, but we’ve never heard anything like this.

When Recovery is good, oh f**k is it good. The album’s lead single Not Afraid is one of the least likely number one hits in music industry, not because it doesn’t sound dope, but because a fearlessly honest track about maintaining sobriety isn’t exactly your usual formula for chart success. It’s a testament to the strength of Eminem’s delivery that he’s transformed Not Afraid into a smash, it’s an absolutely gripping track, and it’s far from the only one on Recovery. The similarly themed Going Through Changes, which fittingly utilizes an Ozzy Osbourne sample, finds Em diving headfirst into a long list of his weaknesses, and the pounding Almost Famous provides an answer to anyone wondering if Em can still come as lyrically vicious as ever. Eminem pours his heart into Recovery, and it’s fascinating to listen to it beat.

While Eminem spends much of Recovery proving that he’s once again a serious contender for the best rapper alive title, unfortunately the album’s production and hooks, particularly when Eminem sings them, fall short. And before you start telling me, as some already have, that the hook and the beat “don’t matter,” that they’re “only a small part of the song,” let me offer this analogy: you go to Subway and they make you a delicious looking ham BLT. But then, instead of mayonnaise, they spread some poo on the bread. Are you eating that BLT, even though the poo spread’s only a “small part” of the overall sandwich? I thought not. Unfortunately, Eminem serves up more than a couple poo sandwiches on Recovery, even if he does so with the best of intentions, starting with No Love. It’s an absolute shame to waste incredible verses from Em and Lil Wayne on a beat that sounds like a joke at worst, and calls too much attention to itself at the least. Even more disappointing is the arena rock Cinderella Man, which finds producer Script Sheperd doing a poor man’s Timbaland impression, and Eminem’s vocals on You’re Never Over are so bad it sounds like he’s doing a parody of a cheesy r&b singer. And just like that, what could have been a classic track, becomes an average track.

As long as we’re on the topic, while longtime fans were undoubtedly nervous to see pop-rock singer Pink make an appearance on Won’t Back Down, the result is one of the album’s best tracks, and while the Rihanna-assisted Love the Way You Lie doesn’t work as well (listening to Em on a Ne-Yo-esque cut is more than a little strange), its nowhere near as bad as some might fear. But, although I’ll argue until the end that these things truly matter, I don’t want to get too caught up on the album’s specifics. Both personally and professionally Eminem couldn’t keep making the same music he did when he was 20, and while Recovery falters, it’s dope to hear Eminem moving in a new, and potentially even better, direction. Recovery feels like the album before a truly great album, a warm-up to a classic, and I can’t wait to hear what he’s cooking up next. Damn, looks like I have a pretty clear opinion on Recovery after all.

Wale x BASEhead x DMV

Wale new joint...BASEhead

Wale has dropped three brand new records via Twitter for his unofficial No Days Off Campaign.

Check it out on DJBooth
Listen: Wale - BASEhead

Listen: Wale ft. Chris Brown & Fabolous - Pretty Girls (remix)

Listen: Wale - Workin

Listen: Wale - The Meeting


Phil Ade x DMV

Download: Phil Ade – The Letterman [Mixtape] [Hosted by DJ Don Cannon]

Phil Ade‘s 2nd project is now here, and if you haven't heard him before most def make sure you take a listen. My homie Lyriciss put me on to him about a year ago, so he's another DMV artist that I would love to work with as far as photography, design and etc. This project is hosted by DJ Don Cannon and features Tabi Bonney, Raheem DeVaughn,Wale and more hot artists. So take the time out to download it and check it out...straight outta the DMV, u know I'm gonna support it 100%.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 3 Kings

Can't wait 'til next season. No, I'm not on the bandwagon, personally, I don't think they are gonna win a ring in the first year but I think it will be very interesting to things shaken up coming into the new season. They will have a good record because they are in the East, not saying it would be bad in the West, but not as challenge.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Random: Hilarious!



Sunday, July 11, 2010

Los - "Closer" Freestyle

Very Inspirational. Los goes IN!
He just made my top 10 all-time favorite rappers list. Been following his music for a long time now, never heard a wack song or a wack line from him. #DMV



Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lil Boosie x 1st Degree Murder/Drug

"An East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury has indicted Torrance Hatch otherwise known as "Lil-Boosie" on a first degree murder charge. Hatch was indicted in the October 21st shooting death of Terry Boyd. Michael Louding and Adrian Pittman are also indicted on first degree charges on Boyd's murder. East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore says all three of the alleged killers meet the criteria of first degree charges. Moore said that the death penalty is not out of the question. Hatch and girlfriend Walnita Decuir along with a former Dixon Correctional Institute guard and an inmate were also indicted on drug charges." - Baton Rouge



Monday, June 14, 2010

C'mon Grant!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

C.K. Twenty Ten x Hollagraphy

Just presenting some "old" new work. Actually did the shoot back in Feb/March, just never posted it til now. But better late than never. Check it out.

Face Design & Photography done by Me.





More can be viewed in my facebook albums...


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zero Gravity x New Soul x Twenty4Seven

Welcome back to blogging, myself that is. I've been trying to get back in the mindframe I was once in months ago. I'm getting there...slowly. It feels good though, getting a lot of work done lately, feels weird when I'm not doing some kinda work. Everything I touch I've been trying to put my all into it. I guess when I'm progressing and doing something productive it doesn't allow life's everyday obstacles bother me, so I need that right about now lol. Just finished the "Go" cd cover yesterday, also had a photoshoot with Big V & Pages in Hopkinsville, Kentucky yesterday afternoon. The shoot went well, they always show me a lot of love out there. So expect to see those photos soon.

Music is my motivation, so the inspirational song I chose for today is:

Wale - New Soul


Lately, in my playlist rotation has been the new mixtape by Los (from B-More) called "Zero Gravity". That joint is AMAZING. So definitely make sure yall check that out. Its available for free download online. When I say Amazing that means not only every track, but every bar in every song.

Twenty4Seven Magazine. Yea we still moving forward, rising at a rapid pace. The new issue is available! We are currently on our 4th issue, and almost done designing the 5th. The quality itself is blowing people away, so of course we've got the competition a lil shook lol. Spotted the other day that one of them was stealing our style in a lot of design aspects *cough cough* Midwest Leak. If it was one issue...it would've been a coincidence, but of course is a lot more than that. The first reaction is always to get upset, but after that, I'm not even worried because the creativity of my team will always crush the mimics. We going in full throttle! Taking the mag to the top and each one of our endeavors as well. So bottom line...roll with us or get rolled over. Twenty4Seven.


New Era (ft. Sam Freeze) - Go!

CD Cover Design & Photography by Holla (Holla Creative & Hollagraphy)

The Download for the track is most def coming soon. Hot Song, so of course it needed a hot cover. Presentation is everything!



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peep This: Crazy Alley-oop

Double Alley-oop by some high school ball players. CRAZY!



Sunday, May 9, 2010

HF News x Clarksville Flood

A few images that were captured during the floods. Really bad out here. Smh.
Clarksville, Tennessee.

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Clarksville Flood

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fresh Pair of DMVs x Hollagraphy x Lyriciss

The other day i was on freshpairofdmvs.com and seen one of my pics I took of DMV rapper Lyriciss Flowz on there. It was a lil article and an available download for his mixtape. Thought that was cool enough to post lol. I still do it for my home. #DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia).